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28 maart 2014


maart 2014
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23 m
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4,38 km

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in de buurt Debe, Penal/Debe (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

This walking trail takes you to the final resting place of “Dumfries Baba” and his white horse. It lies just outside the southern village of Debe in Trinidad. Dumfries Baba was the local name given to an 18th century Scottish Plantation overseer by the name of William Boyes Esq. Boyes immigrated to Trinidad from Dummfrieshire, Scotland. It is here he worked, lived, and established lifelong connections. Boyes died on August 13th, 1870 from "Marsh Fever" now known as Dengue fever and was laid to rest on the top of a mound that overlooks “Ghandi Village,” a village that he had come to love. I suspect that the area got its name in his honour.
I started this trail at the corner of Debe Trace and the S.S. Erin Road at the foot of the Sundar Popo statue. This is located at 10.21204°N and -61.45298°W. I proceeded along the S.S. Erin road heading 5°.
Turn left heading 286° at 10.21559°N and -61.45404°W onto and along the M2 Ring Road. There are no established sidewalks along this stretch of roadway so extreme caution is a must. Additionally, there are lots of heavy construction machinery along this road because of the extension of the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway from Golconda to Point Fortin.
Continue along this road until you get to Ghandi Village Road. This is located at 10.21881°N and -61.46192°W. From here this gravesite is very easy to locate. There is a dirt road at 10.21881°N and -61.46262°W. This road will not get you to the gravesite. It makes a good trek for bird watching, especially hawks and kites.
Cross the M2 Ring Road at 10.21881°N and -61.46262°W and follow the right of way for the N.G.C. Natural Gas Pipelines. The gravesite is just a couple metres up this right of way at the top of this mound. The site is located at 10.21949°N and -61.46081°W. The site has been heavily vandalised so there’s a tendency to miss it if you’re not aware. You’ll notice a lot of water, pop, and juice bottles as well as animal bones and so on that locals take to the site as offerings. You would also find a lot of candles on and around the site. Some say that it has become a place where locals pay homage for “obeah” (Black Magic). It is also said that on dark nights the area is haunted by Boyes himself. Some of the elders in the village report seeing a ghostly apparition on a white horse walking through that area on dark nights.
When I left that burial site I continued along Ghandi Village Road heading 242°. Located at the corner of Ghandi Village Road and Railway Road is a life-size statue of Mahatma Ghandi. This is located at 10.21186°N and -61.46136°W.
Continue along Ghandi Village Road until the intersection at 10.20622°N and -61.45881°W with Debe Trace. From here turn left heading 42°. This short trek takes you right back to the statue of Sundar Popo where you started.
So I found this a very refreshing walk. I also found a few very helpful villagers that were very keen to tell the stories about Boyes that transcends generations. It therefore comes in as something that I would recommend very highly. If you go take lots of water, a hat, and sunscreen because you’re out in direct sunshine for the entire duration of this short, but very interesting trek. At the end of it you can reward yourself with all of the locally made street food that the village of Debe has become synonymous for.
Happy Trails.
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Sundar Popo Statue.

  • Foto van Sundar Popo Statue.
This is the life-size statue of Sundar Popo at the corner of Debe Trace and the S.S. Erin Road.

Namdevco Market.

The main Namdevco Market in Debe.

Junction 1

Intersection that leads to the burial site.
Archeologische opgraving


  • Foto van Gravesite.
The Gravesite of Dumfries Baba and his white horse.

Ghandi Village Road.

Ghandi Village Road junction.
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Mahatma Ghandi Statue.

  • Foto van Mahatma Ghandi Statue.
Life size Mahatma Ghandi Statue...

Main Junction

Junction of Debe Trace and Ghandi Village Road.

2 opmerkingen

  • Foto van Trini Hiker

    Trini Hiker 1 mrt. 2015

    Great trail, very easy, and friendly neighbourhood people that were very eager to assist...

  • Foto van Trini Hiker

    Trini Hiker 3 jan. 2018

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk meer

    Great trail, very easy, and friendly neighbourhood people that were very eager to assist...