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nabij Leykaul, Wallonia (Belgique)

A long trail von Kuechelscheid through the center of the Hohe Venn (High Moorland) to Baraque Michel and back.

Leave early in the morning from Kuechelscheid, and you are likely to see deer - on this very day in May exactly four times. But don't leave too early, as Baraque Michel opens for breakfast or other food only at 10 am. You may get coffee earlier,

Short pieces through the Clefaye Venn are without a trail or boardwalks, and are only permissible if accompanied by a guide.

Back via Mont Rigi and Botrange, at the edge of the moorland (not via the road), then on forest roads and paths to Kuechelscheid. Part of this is asphalt. Before reaching Kuechelscheid, an always worthwhile short excursion to the Schwarzbach See (Black River Lake).

Lange Tour von Küchelscheid durch die Mitte des Hohen Venn nach Baraque Michel, und zurück.

Frühmorgens los in Küchelscheid, dann wird man Wild beobachten - an diesem Tag im Mai gleich viermal. Allerdings sollte man auch nicht zu früh losmarschieren, da es Frühstück oder Essen erst ab 10 Uhr in Baraque Michel gibt. Kaffee vielleicht auch schon vorher.

Kurze Stücke durchs Clefaye Venn sind steglos, und sind nur mit Führer erlaubt.

Zurück über Mont Rigi und Botrange, am Rande des Venns (nicht über die Straße), dann auf guten Forstwegen nach Küchelscheid, zum Teil asphaltiert. Vorher noch ein kuzer Abstecher zum immer lohnenswerten Schwarzbach See.

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2 commentaren

  • geonomon 2-jun-2015

    Servus Detlef,
    lange strecke! Why the grass is still yellow? Here in Spain we have spring and grass is bright green.
    I also see many old wooden bridges, there was no problem to step on a rotten piece of wood.

    greetings and best wishes, Juan.

  • Foto van Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction 2-jun-2015

    Hi Juan,

    this is a swampy area, at almost 700 meter elevation, so spring comes late. We were hiking today, and there is much more green, but the moorland still looks brown, also because of the (german) binsen, (english) rushes or (latin) juncus.

    The Hohe Venn (moorland) has indeed many medieval stories of people disappearing in the swamps, bog bodies, and the like. Being in a border zone helped to increase the mystery. Our area has a memorial to the smugglers! Quite fascinating.

    The paths are now controlled, but it still can be an adventure. Better not fall of the boardwalks....

    You must come and visit!

    Best, Detlef