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in de buurt Salmon River, Nova Brunsvic (Canada)

A visit to the Eye of the Needle is a hike I've been wanting to get in for a number of years, so when clear skies were forecast for the last day in September Milo and I headed off once again to the Fundy playground.

The Eye of the Needle

Doodlopende weg


30-SEP-13 13:44:51

Fundy Footpath

Intersection of the infamous Fundy Footpath.

Little Salmon River


Loop Route


Walton Glen Brook

Walton Glen Brook flows into Little Salmon River

Walton Glen Falls

The mighty Walton Glen Falls located at the upper end of a 600' gorge.

2 opmerkingen

  • Samuel Westfield 8-aug-2018

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail

    Incredible hike! Took us 7-8 hours but we took a lot of long breaks. I'm sure you could do it in 4-5 hours if you kept a good pace. Highly recommend this hike. Incredible views

  • Hiker_Harry 10-sep-2018

    Heck of a hike! We went in from the Falls end and came back up the McCumber Brook Rd. Next time I think we will come in the other way. One thing you definitely need is a good set of water sandals or hikers. I had a pair of beach surf shoes and they were utterly useless going up the Little salmon River and through the eye of the Needle. I was wishing for something with padding shortly into that stretch.