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in de buurt Silver Valley, British Columbia (Canada)

Half-day hike up Gold Creek, stopping at a popular waterfall. The main trails are wide and easy hiking. A connector trail above the falls has some steep sections up a forested hillside. GPS reception sometimes impeded by thick second growth forest. The end of this track connects to more challenging trails west of Gold Creek.

Lower Falls Trail

A broad well-groomed trail starts directly west of the parking lot, and follows (or stays close to) the east side of the Gold Creek, heading north to the waterfalls.

Gold Creek views

Glimpses of Gold Creek through the forest along the west side of trail

Creek access

Short side trails provide easy access to the creek side.

Gold Creek gravel bar

A major side path opens onto a broad gravel bar (mid-July).

Creek bends

Trail follows the high-bank of a prominent meander with a deep pool. The original trail is being rapidly eroded away, and a new trail has been constructed further east of the bank. This location should provide good mountain views on a clear day.

Gold Creek boulder field below falls

Easy access to the boulder field in Gold Creek below the falls. Outhouse facilities and a park-bench overlooking the river.

The Lower Falls observation platform

The viewing platform can experience strong spray from the falls.

The Upper Falls Viewpoint

The trail accesses a fenced viewing area. Below this, there is rough access to the water-polished granite outcrops along the top of the falls. Caution: slippery when wet. Observe the warning signs posted.

The Connector Trail

This connects the Lower Trail with the East Canyon Trail. Its narrow, relatively steep, and a bit rough in places. In the steep intervals, wear has exposed tree roots which provide handles and stepping points. The Connector Trail can be located and followed by distinctive yellow tags on the trees (see photo).

Top of the Connector Trail

Waypoint is at junction of East Canyon Trail, where horses and mountain bikes are also allowed (none seen on the day).

The East-West Canyon Connector Trail Bridge

A new foot-bridge crosses over Gold Creek and provides direct access to steeper trails up mountains to the west.

East Canyon Trail

Continue north to where East Canyon Trail joins Gold Creek. There is an outhouse facility near the Gold Creek ford at Viewpoint Beach. Wild berries of at least two types (in mid-July) may attract bears to the vicinity.

Viewpoint Beach

The west side trails are accessible by fording Gold Creek. It looks no more than 0.5 x 5 meters of water (mid-July). Many types of wildflowers near the top of the gravel bar, at edge of forest. Mountain views are apparently very good on a clear day.

Log bridge

The East Canyon Trail follows an old logging road. An original split-trunk bridge, heavy cables, and other relics of logging activity can be seen. The stumps of the original forest are in various stages of decay, often overgrown with young trees and bushes.

Trail to parking

A branch trail connects the north end of the parking lot with the East Canyon Trail.

Parking Lot