452 m
140 m
13,59 km

217 maal bekeken, 3 maal gedownload

in de buurt Ás, Vesturland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

I started this route from the hotel. I walked along the road until I crosses the bridge (see waypoint, you can park the car before the bridge as well). From there I jumped the fence and went straight to meet the mountain's slope, passing first through a small birch "forest". Then I ascended a couloir with snow that led me to the top of the mountain (the last meters the couloir turned quite steep and icy). From there it was just an easy walk to the summit, located few hundred of meteres to the west. For the descent I walked down to the east to meet the road close to the Kalmanstunga farm. Finally, I walked along the road back to hotel.

Notice that some of the couloirs on the south side of the mountain can be quite steep and icy in winter, so do not attemp that way if you aren't experienced enough in this kind of terrain. When there is not snow, those couloirs are covered with loose stones, so I don't think it's a pleasant way to climb this mountain in warmer seasons.

The views from the top of this mountain are outstanding.



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