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in de buurt Huntingdon, England (United Kingdom)

Nice town and country walk taking in medieval churches, the medieval hospital (Cromwell museum), a medieval bridge and some medieval field systems (ridge and furrow at Godmanchester cricket club). Plenty of wildlife in the fields and on the lakes and a stretch of disused railway line.

Oh and there’s plenty of twentieth century stuff for the modernists (flyover, pedestrianised town centre, social housing etc. ).

Suggest waterproof gear and decent boots for the muddy bits.

2 opmerkingen

  • gertrud hill 9-mrt-2020

    Great info and description of this trail. Makes me want to do it - despite the exiting modern bits. Thanks

  • Foto van Lewis Orrow

    Lewis Orrow 9-mrt-2020

    Glad you liked it and as for the modernist bits, fret not. The flyover is coming down soon. One less bit of 20th C brutalist architecture gone. 👌