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nabij Imgenbroich, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

Nice and short hike to the Belgenbach valley, a nature reserve. Part of the descent and ascent are quite steep and some paths are slippery, so sturdy footwear is recommended. You only find something to eat and drink in Imgenbroich.
I started at a wide space in the Heidbüchel road where I could park my car. A bit further the road ends and you start to follow a path through pasture with beech hedges to the edge of the forest. You descend to the Belgenbach, first on path, later on a forest road. In the valley you will find the Belgenbacher Mühle, a monumental watermill. You continue along the Belgenbach and cross the stream twice. The first is on a wooden bridge, after which a slippery path to a forest road follows. You follow the forest road to the second bridge and ford. Here starts a steep ascent along a small stream to the Tränkhof road. You follow this road to the church in Imgenbroich and then walk back to the starting point along the Heidbüchel road.


Here you cross the Belgenbach on a bridge. There is also a ford and a refuge with information on the nature reserve.
Building of interest

Belgenbacher Mühle

Monumental water mill called Belgenbacher Mühle

Bridge Belgenbach

Bridge on the Belgenbach, followed by a small slippery path.

Climb to Imgenbroich

Here starts the climb to Imgenbroich on a small and steep path, which ends at the Tränkhof road. The path is along a small stream.