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in de buurt Nangō, Kanagawa (Japan)

Am easy meander along mountain ridges.

I started in Itopia. Although you can begin the trail in Sakurayama Park, I prefer the Itopia entrance. The hike from Sakurayama Park to Itopia is nothing special and the trail gets needlessly rough for about half an hour. The Itopia entrance is in the pics-it's behind the green fence. You will use the ropes to pull you up the first twenty steps, but after that, the trail is pretty easy. There's also a bus stop, a few block away next to a small park, that can take you to Zushi station. I live in the neighborhood, so I just walk home.

I've always called it the "fox shrine" since there are two fox statues. You can read more about the shrine on SoraNews: