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in de buurt Javea, Valencia (España)

This is an extremely beautiful and lovely walk passing 4 of the 15 Miradors de Javea(Xabia).

The views are magnificent and enormously picturesque.

We parked our car in the Calle de Atenas but if you are early enough there are very good parking places at the end of the Passeig de L'Escala Empuries in the Urbbanizacion Toscamar.

The first part of the walk is along a coastal track with a view at Cap Prim , a track which goes up to the Cami Calablanca which you will follow until you reach the CV -742.

Following this road you will take the first one left, the Carrer Illa which will take you to the junction of SL CV 97 Cala Blanca and SL CV 98 Cap Prim.

We first took the track to Cala Blanca which proved to be a fortunate choice as the way up from the end of the beach is much easier than the way down at that point.

The walk to the beach is very pleasant almost complete in the shade of the trees. The view from the beach is dominated by the Isla del Portichol.

We followed the beach to the north east until we got to the rocks. There is a hardly distinguishable track but it is never too difficult although one must mind one's steps obviously. At a few places you will need to use yourt hands to get higher up but going up here is easier that going down. At a heighth of more or less 20 metres you will reach a track again that will take you back the track down.

Arriving at the junction we followed the track to Cap Prim , an easy track to the highest point of the Cap. From this place you will ahve a magnificent view of Jabvea(Xabia) and the whole Montgo area, and from this place the Montgo looks very daunting.

The way back to the parking places from here is along the same track although you can very a litlle.

Parking places


View towards Cap Prim and Cap de San Antonio


A portal


Mirador Caletes

Info panel

View Isla del Portichol


Mirador de Creu del Portixol

Info panel sl cv 97 cala barraca and sl cv 98 Cap Prim



Cala Barraca


Cap Prim


Mirador de Cala Blanca