1.006 m
20 m
12,14 km

4066 maal bekeken, 47 maal gedownload

in de buurt Gata, Vestfirðir (Ísland)

First of all, I don´t recommend this route for the way up, might though be better in snow, I don´t know. But after appr. 90min walk for the first 6 km it took me 1 hour for the next km and I had to go up and down to find the right way up. There is another much easier from "Kerlingarskarð" or even down from Fossdalur up to Kerlingarskarð. On my way down I met some friends going up coming from Kerlingarskarð and went down that way and got lift with them to pick up my car. Kaldbakur is the highest mountain in the West-Fjord area and the view is a must see. I categorize this way up as difficult due to the problems I had.