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nabij Finnieston, Scotland (United Kingdom)

From Kelvingrove Park to Milngavie. I went by foot and came back by train, I included the train station as a waypoint.
I followed "25 Walks In and Around Glasgow", by Alan Forbes. The descriptions at times are not very good, and the section where the walkway moves away from the river, I got a bit lost. I marked John Paul Academy as a way point, as it is where you recover the track.
From John Paul Academy it gets a bit muddy and in some areas overgrown plants and trees. I would suggest you get good shoes, not trainers.
It is easy, nothing dangerous or complicated.
From here you recover the earth track. Leave the school on your right, there is a horse/ridding center on your left, just keep straight. You will have to cross a gate.
At the train station, right next to the entrance to the toilets, there is a water tap you can use.