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in de buurt Skógar, Suðurland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

Hiked the Laugavegur trail (Landmannalaugar - Þórsmörk) and Fimmvörðuháls (Þórsmörk - Skógar) in four days. The first day from Landmannalaugar to Álftavatn was pretty tough as we took a detour to Háskerðingur on the way. Next two days where relatively easy down to Þórsmörk. Last day was again bit long and tiring as this was the 10th of hiking for me.

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  • tgruson 28-apr-2014

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    Last 3 days of a bigger trek (Myvatn - Skogar) realised in late august 2011, this path looked crowded to us due to the loneliness of the precedent 10 days, but the landscape was wonderful despite the bad weather (continuous fog and rain). No major difficulties on this well signaled path, exept the last part (thorsmork - skogar), that we walked directly after the last day of the laugavegurrin, where we experimented very bad weather conditions (snow storm and fog) that prevented us to reach the hut. Be aware that it's impossible to tent by the pass! Luckily, there was an abandonned hut 2 or 3 kms after the pass were we had some rest before getting down to the ocean along the cliff to skogafoss.

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    José Rolo de Sousa 27-jul-2015

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