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nabij Ollomont, Wallonia (Belgique)

This is a trail from the village of Nadrin to the hill of Cheslé. To reach the hill we went through forested hills with some panoramic views, on the way back we went along the riverside of Ourthe. Two or three times we had to cross streams, the path was also wet at times (you need good shoes).

From les Alisiers we went down the asphalt road, rue de Hérou. At km 0.6, at the beginning of a parking, we turned right into the forest, following a path marked with blue signs (Route François Remy).

After 800 metres we turned left into a dirt road and then directly right into path number 1 (marked with blue rectangles).

At km 1.9, we turned right into path number 2 (marked with red rectangles).

At km 2.8, we turned left into a path marked with green crosses (route number 9). It led us downhill into a valley where we crossed a stream. After walking around 100 metres downstream, we turned right, uphill. The route 9 led us to the hill of Cheslé.

After a tour around the hill (with a few beautiful views) we went back along route number 9. When we reached the stream, we turned right. After around 100 metres we reached Ourthe, turned left and went along the river. At km 8, we continued on path 6 (green rectangles) which led us back to Nadrin.
  • Foto van From trail 1 (blue) to 2 (red)
  • Foto van From trail 2 (red) to 9 (green cross)
  • Foto van From trail 2 (red) to 9 (green cross)
  • Foto van Crossing a stream
  • Foto van Le Cheslé de Bérismenil
  • Foto van Le Cheslé de Bérismenil
  • Foto van Le Cheslé de Bérismenil
  • Foto van Viewpoint
  • Foto van Viewpoint
  • Foto van View on l'Ourthe

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  • jappie2 14-mei-2018

    Very, very nice green walk. We did it on a rainy and grey day and it still was beautifull. I can only imagine how amazing it would be on a clear and sunny day. There are some short steep passages and on a wet day it can be slippery but still very doable. We ended up with 500 meters in height, but we did have to go back uphill 2 times because we lost the track (but not 100 mtr). I would certainly recommend this route.