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254 m
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nabij Lustin, Walloon (Belgique)




Haut du bois

Haut du bois

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  • WouterN 18-dec-2017

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail

    Not an easy track, especially in winter conditions. Both descents are quite steep and were extremely slippery due to wet leaves and rocks so beware of that. The climbs are less steep but still quite demanding!
    There's plenty of parking space in the centre of Lustin, we parked at the church were the official start is.
    The gps track was clear and easy to follow.
    However at the beginning when you leave the paved road, that section is private so you need to stay on the paved road for some extra 20-30 metres, then there's a narrow path to the right. The turn is also indicated with a sign.
    Also after around 3 km, the track suddenly cuts down through bushes towards the street. We went through the bushes but I think we could've easily gone a bit further straight towards an easier path going to that street.
    Recommend this one, you're almost constantly in the woods but never that far away from the 'civilised world' and there's some nice viewpoints aswell!