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in de buurt Ilnicë, Dibër (Albania)

Maja e Velivarit or Velivar as shown on most maps, is the highest summit of the range known as Deshat by the people of Macedonia. Deshat is the southern part of ridge that separates Albania from Macedonia between Diber and Kukes; the northern part is the Korab Massif, with Maja e Korabit being the highpoint of both countries.

Velivar is locally known as Hinoska, though the name seems to refer more to the commune than a specific mountain or summit. We did not find any significant reference to Hinoska on the web.

Velivar and other summits along the ridge seem to be mainly climbed from Macedonia, where mountain tourism has a longer history and relevant infrastructure is more advanced. Given the beauty of the area also in Albania, it is only a question of time before more outdoor enthusiasts will visit the area.

The hike is relatively easy. But while Velivar is considerably lower than Korab (which attracts many more tourists), it must be counted among the big Albanian mountains. It took us 4 hours to climb to the summit of Velivar and 3 hours to descend from it.

Velivar provides some unusual views of other peaks which are typically admired from the opposite side, such as Korab (now seen from the south) or Mali i Dejes and Kurore e Lures (from the east).

The hike starts in Ilnice. Just before reaching the village, a barrier blocks a road going further up the mountain. We parked and camped hundred Meter or so after the barrier, after having negotiated access with the local customs official holding the key. If you do likewise, make sure you arrange for the barrier being open on your return.

The first two kilometers of the hike are on a forest road. It is possible to go there by 4WD - provided you managed to cross the barrier in Ilnice - but we decided to walk for the sake of the exercise. At waypoint 2 we took a shortcut towards the mountain. The road itself circles around some more corners before ending at a Stan.

We hiked a balloon and either direction might be fine.

When you walk rather than drive the road, avoid the temptation to follow a footpath that seems to cut short some switchback in the road, between waypoints A and B. The footpath leads across a very uncomfortable slope along a seemingly bottomless precipice. It's not worth the few minutes that you may be saving in time.

Somewhere between waypoint 3 and waypoint 4, when you reach an altitude of about 1760 Meter, you can also head more directly for waypoint 5 which is a pass on the ridgeline leading to Velivar. A footpath leads to that point, though it may be difficult to see it from the distance, especially when you approach the ridge in the morning facing the sun.

For the drive to Ilnice, see Wikiloc #5217617

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1230 m


08-SEP-13 6:47:55

3-turn from road

08-SEP-13 7:32:48


08-SEP-13 8:45:43

5-Pass and Marker

08-SEP-13 9:57:37

6-False Summit

08-SEP-13 10:33:35

7-Velivar Summit

08-SEP-13 10:56:43

8-Turn off ridge

08-SEP-13 12:04:35


08-SEP-13 12:39:40




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  • Foto van Gams

    Gams 14-okt-2013

    This picture has a timeless quality, reminding of different scenarios in medieval as well as in recent isolationist past. https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/maja-e-velivarit-5228374#wp-5228378/photo-2715373

  • Foto van Gams

    Gams 14-okt-2013

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail

    The trail has a long hike in and -out phase, which can be tiresome after the long descent, therefore one could consider taking the 4wd higher up. The treeless alpine slopes make for a delightful hike along a memorable panorama on all sides.
    In regard to more mountaineers soon to be visiting even the minor yet accessible summits, I agree.
    Peshkopi has a website (in Shqip) that comes up when referencing Peshkopi turist, not tourism!
    Its main view is like taken from this hike's photos.
    People in Ilnice spoke of fewer visitors this summer, but mentioned tourists coming for the snow covered slopes in winter.

  • Foto van Tini Hart

    Tini Hart 10-nov-2013

    Das sind ja wirklich tolle Landschaften.. https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/maja-e-velivarit-5228374#wp-5228380/photo-2715382

  • Foto van Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction 10-nov-2013

    Genau!. Das ist der hoechste von Albanien und Macedonien. Da waren wir auch schon drauf...:). Ist einfacher als es aussieht... https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/maja-e-velivarit-5228374#wp-5228380/photo-2715382