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nabij Dayr Ayyūb, West Bank (فلسطین)

Easy and very picturesque hike around Park Ayalon (a.k.a. Park Canada). Best time for this hike is February or March when everything is blooming and the days are not hot yet (the trail doesn't offer too much shade).
Lots of blooming almonds (and a few anemones) can be seen along the route, cows from the nearby village as well.
If you come by car you can leave it either by the side of the road or in a parking area at the end of asphalted road (~200m from the trail start).
There are a lot of trails in the park, most of them unmarked, but clearly visible, so it is advisable to travel with a GPS device.
This is a very spacious cave, which doesn't appear on a map.
Ancient roman house
A high point near the end of the trail with panoramic view of the Mevo Horon village