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nabij Hope Valley, England (United Kingdom)

[EN] A mix of walking and running through the Peak District.

I arrived early in the morning to Hope station and started running slow. I went to Castleton and then followed a trail with some caves.

Then I arrived to Edale and followed the Pennine way for some time.

Next I climbed Kinder Low (639m) having launch in this peak before continue.

I continued running until a intersection and after that intersection (snake inn) the path was difficult so I went on walking.

I was walking through several paths until arrive to a big lake with two hole overflows and then I went to catch the train at Hathersage.

I'm going to do another route from Hathersage to Hope very soon.

P.S.: Finally the weather was so bad that I couldn't do the other part of the route before returning from holidays. But I want to do it some day.


[ES] Una mezcla de caminar y correr a través del Peak District.

Llegué temprano por la mañana a la estación de Hope y comencé a correr lentamente. Fui a Castleton y luego seguí un sendero con una gran cantidad de cuevas.

Entonces llegué a Edale y seguí durante algún tiempo el Pennine way.

A continuación subí hacia el pico del Kinder Low (639m). Allí comí tranquilamente antes de continuar.

Luego, fui corriendo hasta una intersección y después de esa intersección (snake inn) el camino era más complicado, así que dejé de correr y empecé a caminar.

Seguí caminando a través de varios caminos hasta llegar a una gran reserva con dos agujeros de "desagüe" y luego subí al tren en Hathersage.

Tengo intención de hacer otra ruta des de Hathersage hasta Hope pronto y así cerrar el recorrido.

PD: El tiempo empeoró tanto que no pude hacer la otra ruta antes de volver de vacaciones. Queda pendiente para otra ocasión.

Kinder Low Peak

Parish Of St Peter (Hope)
Castleton Village Hall
Cave Dale
Little Cave
Little Cave
Welcome to High Peak Estate
Triangulation Station
Edale Parish Church
Beginning of Pennine Way
Le Farm Information Shelter
Leaving The Pennine Way
Bridle path to Glossop
Climb to Kinder Low peak
Don’t be misled by the name! This is in fact one of the highest points (633m) in the Peak District, giving westerly views to Wales, and the bleak Kinder Plateau to the east.
Cross the Kinder River
Intersection with great views.
Intersection Snake inn
Look out! This part is full of tolls.
Little Waterfall
Beautiful Waterfall
Snake Path To Hayfield
Snake Woodland
Alport Bridge
Alport Moor (Welcome to High Peak)
Ladybower Reservoir
Hole Overflow
Hole Overflow
Public Footpath through a golf course

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    chaichi چایچی 26-mei-2014

    thanks for your nice description, would you please guide me how can I put more than 6 photo for every trail? can I manage my trails such that the scale of tracking be metric for visitors?