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nabij Le Peux, Poitou-Charentes (France)

Walk along the coast near Pointe du Grouin, along water culture farms, beach, pebble coast, on small tracks, cycling paths and dirt roads. Views of the Pertuis Breton, the Fasse de Loix and the coast towards Saint-Martin-de-Ré. Some of the water farms along the route seem to be out of operation. There is a parking lot at the starting point.


There is a little beach here and a small harbor for water sports.
Doodlopende weg

Ferme aquacole: dead end

This ferme aquacole (as indicated on the IGN map 1329OT) seems to be largely out of operation. Some small buildings and a structure to pump water in and out of the water basins are still present.

Fort du Grouin

The Fort du Grouin directly at the start of the walk does not seem accessible (at least not from the coast side). The coast here consists of pebbles.