2.561 m
1.118 m
20,91 km

172 maal bekeken, 3 maal gedownload

in de buurt Pracorno, Trentino-Alto Adige (Italia)

You climb from Pracorno to Pass de l'Om. There the ridge begins, going over three peaks. There are markings on the rocks to follow the path, but there is no real path. After Cima Zoccolo, the climb and decend from Castel Pagano is completely unmarked, there are however here and there some stones piled up to give an indication of direction. When decending from Castel Pagano, be very carefull, there is a lot of loose rock and a fall could possibly be very bad. After the decend from Castel Pagano, you arrive at Passo Palu from where it is easy going down to San Bernardo.

This tour requires good condition and a good head for heights. For experienced hikers only!