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nabij Hasenell, Wallonia (Belgique)

The Weser dam is, quite rightfully, a major tourist destination of the Eupen area. Access is well signposted, and the huge parking area is testimony to the popularity of the area. We were there in the middle of the week in late August, and avoided the weekend run. As soon as you leave the vicinity of the dam, traffic reduces and we were to ourselves during most of the hike.

Watch out for waypoint 2, where you leave the main tarmac trail for a footpath that leads along the shore of the lake. The trail is NOT signposted. Except in times of exceptionally high water, the trail should be passable for most of the time. In August 2018, after a long dry period, the trail was about 3 Meter above the water line.

Between waypoint 2 and wayoint 5 is the most interesting part of the trail. It is basically a herdpath, a path that came about by people following each other without any particular effort of trail-building or trail-maintenance.

Waypoint 6 is at the top of a flight of steps, that lead from the weir across the Weser to a forest hut. A good place for a rest.

The next worthy rest stop is at waypoint 12, an idyllic hut along the way.

There is supposed to be a shortcut between way point 13 and waypoint 14, though we couldn't find the exact spot where it starts. Having arrived at waypoint 14 via the detour on forest roads, we saw that indeed there was a faint trail.

At waypoint 15 you cross the Getz stream. From there, it is tarmac all the way back to the dam.

Most of the trail is very easy, some moderate spots are along the lakeshore trail between waypoints 2 and 5.

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