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Moving time  4 uur 23 minuten

Tijd  8 uur 2 minuten

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Geüpload 4 juli 2018

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2.406 m
1.448 m
15,69 km

516 maal bekeken, 24 maal gedownload

nabij Axamer Lizum, Tyrol (Austria)

You reach the Salfainsee parking by car (10 mins from Grinzens / 30 mins from Innsbruck).
From the "Parking Salfainsee" (1500 meters) you reach the Salfeinsee (lake at 2000 meters) in 1H15 mins walk with small brake along the way to enjoy the view.
After a restful brake at the lake, you walk through mountain edges (not very steep) to Grieskogel, then Breitschwemmkogel, then Angerberkhof and to finish at Schaflegerkogel (2400 meters, 3 hours from Salfainsee with lunch brake + brakes to enjoy the view at each summit).
You start your way down by turning on the left after Schaflegerkogel summit (45 mins descent) you reach the Senderbach river, turn on the left and walk 40 minutes to reach Kemater Alm where you can again stop for a drink and reach the Salfainsee parking in 10 mins.
8 hours in total with 2 hours of rest, hiking done in good weather condition but raining around Schaflegerkogel for an hour which oblige to make a careful descent.

Salfeiner See









2 commentaren

  • Foto van ToutCerdagne

    ToutCerdagne 30-aug-2018

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail

    Estiu2018-01 Ruta seguida (caminant:-)) durant les vacances d'estiu de 2018. Molt ben indicada, fàcil de seguir i amb vistes espectaculars des d'arreu.

  • highfalutinstuff 25-mrt-2019

    Fabulous hike, I went in the reverse direction, getting the elevation out of the way up front. Heavy fog day which slowly cleared up as I went along. walking down from peak to peak the skies opened and it just became more and more beautiful. Remember 3 (?) euros cash coins for the ticket to the road.