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nabij Cortil, Walloon (Belgique)

très belle rando hormis nationale longée sur 500m avant esneux.

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    Sarah Johanna 9-jun-2019

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  geverifieerd  Bekijk in detail

    A nice route however, it does NOT ascent to +1000 meters! More like +500 meters. Thus, this is not a difficult trail. Two parts are to avoid:

    1// The part south-west from Plainevaux. You should follow RUE FINE PIERRE towards RUE DE STRIVAY. DO NOT do that offroad thing in this trail, cos you end up with no trail at all, but just fields, cows and about 3 times having to crawl over a fence.

    2// As you can see this trail follows the N638 quite long into Esneux. Although Esneux is lovely for a lunch break, this road is full of traffic and hardly leaves any space for pedestrians. Thus, to avoid! Or shorten your time here, almost 3km is too long.