426 m
2 m
24,46 km

556 maal bekeken, 13 maal gedownload

in de buurt Hnífsdalur, Vestfirðir (Lýðveldið Ísland)

This was day 2 of a 3 day trip from Hornvík to Reykjafjörður. It was a long hike - we wanted to get across Svartaskarð that day in case the weather got worse (which it did, we woke up in fog in Þaralátursfjörður the next day). A more sensible place to camp might be on the shore of Skorarvatn or just after "turning the corner" towards Svartaskarð (because it gets windy in that pass). We inadvertently continued down towards Furufjörður a bit too far and made a zig-zag to regain elevation - you will want to remove that and turn right earlier than we did (unless you want to descend to Furufjörður). I actually felt it might have been better to stay even higher.

Although we waded across Skorará down by the sea you can actually stay on the north bank, there is in fact a great site for a camp by the majestic Gígjarsporshamar cliff.

The total distance was closer to 21 kilometres - I forgot to filter the track (which was logged at 5 second intervals) and it contains a lot of fluff.