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in de buurt Seaview, Nova Brunsvic (Canada)

This coastal trek lends itself to a multitude of scenic seascapes as it hugs the Fundy Coast from Coleson Cove to Black Beach. Choose to double back along the coast or close the loop via Black Beach Road.

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Musquash Light


Power Generating Station


Seaside Lookouts

6 opmerkingen

  • Daryl Steeves 19-aug-2017

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail

    Very nice trail, easy to follow and great scenery

  • monica tomney 25-apr-2018

    This trail has everything , great ocean view lookoffs , woodland trails , streams and .....a surprise . plus the Incredible black beach .

  • Hiker_Harry 10-sep-2018

    Great Hike! Good Terrain, Kept stopping to take pictures at every overlook. I think the distances are understated a bit by about a mile or two. That is its longer than what's posted. The cave is pretty Awesome.

  • Foto van River Kaatz

    River Kaatz 5-jun-2019

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  geverifieerd  Bekijk in detail

    A great trail with wonderful views! When you reach the lighthouse, if time & energy permit, return via the trail that you came in on. The lighthouse access road return is fast but not that interesting.

    Thanks Waterfallin!

  • Foto van mehdi.tabibvand

    mehdi.tabibvand 26-feb-2020

    Hi dear friend
    You have followed and recorded many beautiful and exciting paths
    Please also visit my page and comment
    Thanks a lot

  • Foto van Waterfallin

    Waterfallin 2-mei-2020

    Error corrected. Thanks