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nabij Eide, Sogn og Fjordane (Norge)

Start at Storamyri, the first flat part of the road on the way from Kaupanger up to Sogndal airport, approx. 14 km from the Sogndal town centre. Park by the sign marked “Storhaugen” (approx. 50 m from the road). From there, there is a good path to Bjørkastølen summer pasture farm, with wonderful views across the fjord to Bleia mountain. Good path from there through dense pine forest. It continues to the north and follows the tree line for a while. It meets the path from Vesterland (alternative start) up near the tarn and follows this path to the summit. From Storehaugen mountain (1169 metres), you can enjoy magnificent views of the Sognefjord and Sogndal town centre. Ein kan også starte frå parkeringsplassen ved Sogndal Lufthamn, og gå grusvegen opp til radio- og TV-tårna. Herifrå er det merka sti (ca. 1 km) vidare til Storehaugen. You can also start from the car park at Sogndal airport and follow the gravel road up to the radio and TV mast. From there is a marked path (approx. 1 km) to Storehaugen.

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