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nabij Dārah, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

Enter the Wadi branch just North of the Shawka Pools wadi and follow it as it snakes it way in parallel with the Shawka pools wadi. Possibility for a ridge climb detour to view the pools wadi from the top. Take a side branch up to jobless valley with it’s beautiful dwarf palm stands. Then turn right and follow the little wadi up to the point where you arrive at a little climb down into a tributary to the pools wadi. Walk down the wadi into the main pools wadi and have a dip in the pools. Remember not to make fire, not to trash and please help cleaning up other people’s trash on your way out. Let’s all work together to protect this beautiful natural area!

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    Tournesol78 9-feb-2019

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  geverifieerd  Bekijk in detail

    Very nice family walk, thanks for posting! It gets a little tricky in the middle, good shoes and steady feet necessary.