• Foto van Tinos (Steni-Lyhnaftia-Porto)
  • Foto van Tinos (Steni-Lyhnaftia-Porto)
  • Foto van Tinos (Steni-Lyhnaftia-Porto)
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Geüpload 18 december 2016

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390 m
-6 m
8,58 km

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nabij Stení, South Aegean (Greece)

Tinos (Steni-Lyhnaftia-Porto)



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    matthijsb 1-okt-2018

    Hi Tsiknias, thanks for the nice walk. Great views and good to do.

  • Foto van matthijsb

    matthijsb 2-okt-2018

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  geverifieerd  Bekijk in detail

    It’s a nice walk. Take the bus from Chora (Tinos city:-) to Steni and the starting point of walk is easy to find. It’s an about 2,5 hour walk. Lots of pigeon houses and always the island Mikonos on the horizon. At the end you can take another bus back to Chora again. Or have a cold drink at the beach before that. We had a very nice day.