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nabij Vinci, Toscana (Italia)

Note: during the hike we made at wrong turn and diverted from our intended route. This means we had to backtrack a couple of hundred meters. It’s on top of the mountain. Follow the closed loop to stay on track.

Track : Vinci, Vinci birthplace, Montalbano, La cupola, top, Mignana, Vitolini, Vinci.
Itineray: 14, 14A, 300, 10A and publicvway.
Going through olives fields
A little grocery shop, with at tapel outside. You can buy a cop of coffe, cold drinks etc.

2 commentaren

  • Foto van Montalbano_Trail

    Montalbano_Trail 6-mrt-2019

    Bel giro , ricco di Storia, Panorami e Salite.
    A mio parere manca fare tappa a:
    1) la Torre di Sant' Alluccio
    2) Pietramarina
    3) le sorgenti d'acqua lungo il percorso

  • Foto van patryzan

    patryzan 10-mrt-2019

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  geverifieerd  Bekijk in detail

    Bello! Ben descritto e con informazioni importanti relative alle segnalazioni dei sentieri. 👍