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  • Foto van Wadi Manshala
  • Foto van Wadi Manshala
  • Foto van Wadi Manshala
  • Foto van Wadi Manshala
  • Foto van Wadi Manshala

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Geüpload 21 juni 2013

Uitgevoerd juni 2013

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90 m
-392 m
6,61 km

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nabij Atraqzia, West Bank (فلسطین)

A moderate hike that begins at the Dead Sea. Park at O Beach. This hike is about 8km in total. The hike follows the wadi floor along a stream. There is bird life, wild crabs, frogs, et cetera. The terrain becomes difficult after about 2.8kms as there is a steep incline to navigate as the trail had been washed out by rains (2013). The slope is a 45-50% grade. Once atop the wadi rim, the views are well rewarded. The return is along the northern rim which gives new views and an easier descent.

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  • eshuler 18-apr-2016

    Ik heb deze route gevolgd  Bekijk in detail

    A group of friends and I hiked this trail on 15/04/2016 and the recent rains had created slides, making the trail easier in some areas and more difficult in others. There was a lot of water (even at the beginning of the trail) and it was very beautiful. We saw a lot of frogs, crabs, and birds as well as trees and greenery. Make sure you have some bouldering and/or climbing experience for this hike as there are several spots where small climbs are necessary, especially after the recent rock slides.

  • Mohanad Kawasmi 21-dec-2017

    Do we need ropes for rappelling?