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in de buurt Berensberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

Pleasant hike through the beautiful valley of the Wurm river, a gem hidden between various towns north of Aachen. The edges of the valley are covered with woods and meadows cover the valley bottom around the meandering Wurm. The hike also includes a short and steap climb of Bergehalde Gouley, a heap of mine debris north of Teutenhof. You can find the Bayern-style Teutenhof on the road between Kohlscheid and Würselen if you want something to eat and drink.
You start out at the parking at the end of the Zum Blauen Stein road at the Paulinensaüle. You first walk into the Paulinenwäldchen wood where you descend (twice) to the valley of a small stream, and follow this valley to the Wurm valley. Here you follow a path on the edge of the forest and the meadows surrounding the meandering Wurm all the way to the Kohlscheid-Würselen road. The views on the way of the meadows, Wurm and Adamsmühle are great. You cross the road and continue to the bridge at the Pumpermühle. After crossing the Wurm you climb a bit on the road, and then descend on a path towards the valley floor. Here you also find the “Stollenmundloch Grube Gouley”, a tunnel beneath the mountain where water from the Gouley mine flows through. You then climb quite steeply on a broad forest track out of the valley and walk behind some houses on the edge of a field. You then descend via steps onto a former railway track (Bahndamm), and then steeply ascend on the heap of debris called Bergehalde Gouley. You then follow paths on the edge of a valley with good views until you descend to the Kalkhaldenblick. On the way you find some large stone eggs, and you have a view of the lime heap of the former Solvay plant, a small lake and the Bergehalde Gouley. From here you follow the lower Bahndamm towards Teutenhof. On the way you pass a viewpoint of the Kalkklippen (‘lime cliffs’). You cross the road from the Teutenhof towards the Adamsmühle and follow the semi-paved cycling path along the Wurm valley all the way to Wulfsfurth. Here you cross the Wurm and climb back to the starting point. On the left you see parts of the municipal waste water treatment plant of Aachen.
Another track on Wikiloc (https://nl.wikiloc.com/routes-wandelen/wurmtal-10-km-18420479) can be combined with this hike to a longer hike of about 17 km.

Adamsmühle road

Semi-paved road/cycle route towards the Adamsmühle

Alter Bahndamm

Steps take you down to a ridge which used to be a rail road.

Bergehalde Gouley

Top of a heap of black mine debris with good views and a lot of birch trees

Kalkhaldenblick - Viewpoint Gouley

Halde (heap) Gouley is a heap of coal mine detritus, now a nature reserve. Big stone eggs have been deposited in the landscape by a landscape architect. There is a viewpoint here, an information display, arty eggs, and a small lake.


Here you can have a look at the limestone heap created by a former Solvay plant, now a nature reserve.

Pasture in Wurm valley

You walk around and through a large area of pasture in outside bend of the Wurm river

Path from Waldstrasse to Knopp

Path down from the Waldstrasse to the Knopp road in the valley, with nice views of the Wurm on the way down

Path with a view

Path along the edge of the hill, with views across the Bergehalde Gouley and the Wurm valley


Obelisk. The parking lot behind the obelisk is the starting point.


You descend twice in the Paulinenwäldchen, a forest. This is the first descend to a small stream that later flows through several ponds and ends up in the Wurm

Pumpermühle bridge

Bridge at the Pumpermühle. From here you ascend on the Waldstrasse Road.

Road to Wulfsfurth

This semi-paved road first ascends a bit and then descends to Wulfsfurth

Southern Wurm valley

Here you walk on the edge of the woods in the Wurm valley. You have a good view of the meandering river.

Steep climb Bergehalde Gouley

Here you have a short but steep climb on black mine detritus (the trickiest part of the hike) onto the Bergehalde Gouley.

Stollenmundloch Grube Gouley

The Stollenmundloch Grube Gouley is a tunnel through which water flows from the mine area


Bayern-style restaurant

Wurm valley near Adamsmühle

Here you have a view across the Wurm valley to Adamsmühle

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