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What do you get with Wikiloc ORG?

Let us promote your brand and your trails to Wikiloc's community. People looking for trails like yours will find their way to your profile more easily. You will have your Own Public Trail Map, Visitor Statistics, and much more!

Your own public map of trails

You will have your Own Public Trail Map for all Wikiloc users to explore.

If you don't have trails

Create your public trail map from your favorite trails on the Wikiloc website and apps.


Find out in detail the interest of the community in your profile: In your user panel, you can see the number of visits and country of origin at all times.

If you have your own trails you will also know the total number of downloads and favorites, and a grid of the most popular routes with the number of visits, downloads, favourites and comments.

In addition, if you are a Regional or Local ORG member you will also see the number of times you have been highlighted. We will send you a monthly summary email with the main data.


Promotion of your trails

You will get more visibility within Wikiloc's Community since your profile will appear highlighted at the top of the Web & App search lists to everyone interested in trails from your area.

You have two options:


Your profile will appear as highlighted to members around the world looking for trails within the area bordering your trails (eg: trails in Yosemite Valley).


Your profile will appear as highlighted to members around the world looking for trails in a wider area around your trails (eg: trails within California).

Our Local and Regional distinction criterion doesn't follow political borders when using the zoom function, but rather approximate geographical delimitations based on the map's zoom levels.

Promoted profiles

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