Jeroen Spoelstra

Jeroen Spoelstra


I am a passionate designer focusing on bringing people forward using human centered design. You could call what I do Social Design, but nowadays there are hundreds of different design names. So for me I am a designer and try to be humble to the world. I like solving issues together with other people in co-design.

I find inspiration in my other passions mountain biking and traveling. I use sports, traveling and being outside to get inspired for my work as a designer. Besides designing I give keynotes and facilitate design(thinking) workshops. Design to me has shifted from making beautiful products to creating meaningful and real solutions/ approaches that can make a difference. The Design profession shouldn’t solely be reserved for the designer (in developed world), but for everyone! I design for impact and help people bring out their little designer in himself or herself. I am not saying everyone should become a designer, but I do think people can use a little bit of design to help themselves forward in their personal/ professional life.

Lid sinds april 2015

  • Remiremont trail 7

    53,83 kilometers - Heel moeilijk

    nabij Remiremont, Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine (France)

  • Vagney trail nr 5&7

    25,21 kilometers - Moeilijk

    nabij Vagney, Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine (France)

  • Leersum

    19,67 kilometers - Middelmatig

    nabij Amerongen, Utrecht (Nederland)

  • La Amistad Coffee & Rainforest

    10,34 kilometers - Middelmatig

    nabij La Lucha, Puntarenas (Republic of Costa Rica)

  • exploration amistad

    4,24 kilometers - Middelmatig

    nabij Jurutungo, Chiriquí (Republic of Panama)

  • Las Catalinas

    8,67 kilometers - Moeilijk

    nabij Zapotal, Guanacaste (Republic of Costa Rica)

  • Pueblo Nuevo - La Fortuna

    19,01 kilometers - Middelmatig

    nabij Pueblo Nuevo, Alajuela (Republic of Costa Rica)

  • Guachipelín Blue trail

    5,53 kilometers - Middelmatig

    nabij Guachipelín, Guanacaste (Republic of Costa Rica)

  • Guachipelín Red trail

    12,88 kilometers - Middelmatig

    nabij Guachipelín, Guanacaste (Republic of Costa Rica)

  • Haarlem - Zandvoort

    26,13 kilometers - Middelmatig

    nabij Haarlem, Noord-Holland (Nederland)